In Loving Memory of Sir Big Bone Tex Chavez   

Below is a list of some of the labs we have up for adoption. Prices listed are with Full AKC breeding rights. There are a total of 6 females and 3 males. All proven and all ready to go. Harley is bred to T.J and due 1/11/12. If interested in all we would take 2400.00 for all nine. I will consider pet homes at a reduced rate.All offers will be considered! If you want more information please feel free to call 505-203-6272  

T-Bones Tough TJ D.O.B. 10/31/08 AKC Registered $400.00

Grizz's Chocolate Charlie  2/25/09 AKC Registered (He wants to smell the camera so we had to take the picture outside the fence!) $400.00 

T-Bones Priceless Penney AKC Registered 10/31/08 

  T-Bones Clever Clover AKC Registered 6/30/08 $400.00


 Lil Ann's Harley Angel AKC Registered 2/25/09 Bred due 1/11/12

P.I.T.V.'S Mocha Suede- AKC Registered D.O.B. 06/03/10 Please see the in need of adoption page! $300.00 

P.I.T.V.'S Lilly Latte- AKC Registered D.O.B. 06/03/10 Please see the in need of adoption page! $300.00