Rubble red and white AKC registered
This blue boy is Cinco!
Turbot! AKC registered! Fawn
Triton! AKC registered! Black/Brindle/White

P.I.T.V'S Medusa! AKC registered she is a champagne

P.I.T.V'S OREO! AKC registered black and white 

P.I.T.V'S Autumn AKC registered fawn and white
P.I.T.V'S Cry Baby! AKC Registered! Champagne and white!
Blue Bella! AKC Registered Blue and white
P.I.T.V'S Kiki! AKC registered Brindle and white
P.I.T.V'S Strawberry Whine AKC Registered Red and white