These are pictures of some of the puppies we have raised! We are extreamly lucky to have people sending us pictures once these guys go home! We love seeing them, and if you have sent pictures that are not on here please let me know! I will try to get them all on as they come in! Thanks! I have lost a lot of the pictures that were on this page. We are not certain what happened, but if you see your baby not here anymore please send me more pictures! Thanks! 



This is Michael! He now lives with the Rice family!   

He understands 15 words now. He loves retreiving and brings the ball right back to me (95%).His vocabulary is; no, stop, quit, up, sit, down, catch, back, chase it, outside, ball, doodle (pee) big doodle, muzzle (this word stops bad behavior immediately) treat, bed, can't think of the others right now. I train him 5 to 10 minutes at a time, 4 or 5 days a week.

Hello ,
 we absolutely love and spoil Brock ( Mufasa) ! He is our pride and joy . We are so happy to have brought him into our family of two and can't wait to get another Boston Terrier from y'all .  - Sophia & Andrew

Thank you for the update!


This handsome boy is Mikko!  

Sonny Boy! "You talking to me?" 

Barkley! Looking quite comfy! 

Kona! She is an absolute doll!  

 Also, here are a couple recent pics of Kona.  She is doing great and has a ball with the kids.  She loves to cuddle and is doing great with her potty training. Home with the Romero family!

Grunkmyster! Big boy! 

 Here are a few pictures of this amazing addition to our family. Kristin breeds the most beautiful English Bulldogs in New Mexico!  Hands down

Absolutely handsome!  

 Hi there! Just wanted to share a picture of Spyro (now known as Buck) with you. He is now all grown up and we absolutely love him. We cannot wait to add Dos to our family! Thank you so much! You have the absolute best quality pups around!  You are great!

Thank you,


The Luna Family

This is Hopper! He now lives in Las Vegas!  

 Dear Kristin,


Hello!  My name is Patricia Dobal Sykes and we are the family that adopted Ruby.

I wanted to let you know that she is wonderful, has adapted so well and is happy here in Coral Gables, Florida!

Our son is just over the moon with her and she with him!  He loved the name Ruby so we kept the name!

Follows him around the house, she plays catch with him and even comes back with the ball every time to continue playing.

She anxiously waits for more play once he is back in the afternoon from school.

I am attaching photo of her just relaxing !


This is Pip! She won a Halloween costume contest!  

These beautiful girls are Zoe 5 years old (the pug) and Daphney is 4 years old! (the boston)!! Soaking up some sun!

 Milo! He is at home with the Franz family!

Hello Kristen!


Wanted to send you pictures of our baby Milo. He is six months now and is spoiled rotten. All our friends want to try and puppy nap him because he is so cute. We have been referring them to you since he was so well taken care of as a baby. Thank you!


Kristin and Brady Franz

Here are some pictures of our Jumping Boston , Sidney is two years old now she loves to chase the ball all the time.   Sidney is a very fun loving dog, she is happy all the time, she was house trained within two weeks, and dogie door trained when we got her.  Sidney has been very healthy and has a high energy level.  I tell everyone that we got her at paws in the valley.  Owners Pat and Leevo  Miller.

 This gorgeous boy is Bodhi! He is now part of the Showalter family in Colorado!

Joey, Noelle, and Amy! Beautiful family! 

Baby Maden! Chilaxin! 

Roxy! At home with the Garibay family! Thanks Crystal for the beautiful picture and kind words! 

 Hi Kristen,

I hope that all is well with you and you family. Here is a recent picture of the Boston Terrier (Roxy) that we purchased from you. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us together. I must admit in the beginning I was unsure if whether I should purchase a new puppy, but after sharing emails/text messages with you, seeing your facility, and most importantly, meeting Roxy for the first time I knew that it was perfect! Thank you for answering all the questions that I had regarding Roxy. She is truly turning out to be a wonderful dog with a wonderful personality! I did take note that all your dogs/puppies are well socialized with people/children as well as other dogs; which is a really important aspect of having a good family pet/show dog. Roxy as been very easy to house train; I believe it was because you started her on the "doggy dog" prior to her coming to live with us. I believe that you are doing a fantastic job with your animals! When I decide to purchase another puppy, you are definitely the person I will come and see again!

Thank you!!!

Take care!

Crystal Garibay


Hi Kristen: here is a recent pic of Santiago at 1 1/2 yrs - again, many thanks for bring us together. We are going for certification with MC2 in the Spring 2012. I'll let you know if we pass the testing. Merry Christmas! Carole and Santi

Hello Kristin:  
      I hope this email finds you and your family well - attached are some photos of Santiago dob: 5-1-10. He is slightly over 1 yr and is in training with the LA Mountain Canine Corp for search and rescue. He is a big boy and I cannot tell you how much we love him. What an awesome dog. Thank you for bringing this wicked smart dog to us. When I get more photos I'll forward them to you (the last one is Santi at 10 mths.) Take care. Carole

Thanks Carol for the pictures! He is an amazing dog and we are glad to hear he is doing so well!

Carol has been amazing about keeping us updated on Santi! Here is the latest from her! 

 Hello Kristin:

It has been awhile since I've sent you photos or updates on our yellow Lab that we bought from you. Santiago is just over 1 1/2 yrs old and he has been training with Los Alamos Mountain Canine Corp. Kristin, we just passed our MRE (mission ready examination).

We had from 1 to 3 subjects hiding in approximately 80 acres. We had 4 hrs to complete the exam and be mission ready. Santi completed finding three subjects in 1 hr. 8 mins!

He is amazing and I thank you every day for having him born at your home and us finding him and bringing him home. You would be so very proud of him.

Many thanks.

Pugzy with Santa! 

Holly! Cricket and Spanky's Puppy Happily Ever After With Nancy!  

Zoe! Mitzy and Rascals Daughter Living With Tina and Family Happily Ever After!  

Cloe Happily Living With The Denman Family! 

Kinsey! Now living with Jean and Bill. You Guy's are doing a great job keep up the good work! T.J. and Honey's puppy

 Roxy looks content lost in toys!


Tera, A beuatiful Brindle Female at home with Becky and DJ

Oakley! Chillin with the zebra shoe! 


Stormy dressed to cheer!!!  

Zoey, home with big brother Taz, Mom and Dad (Dawn and Mike) She is not going to be able to get away with anything having a brother who sleeps with one eye open! Daughter of Buffy and Spanky 

Lex Honey and TJ's puppy! So beautiful! Her eyes are amazing! At home with Bethanne and Ryan Sanders!  

Mocha Harley and TJ's puppy! Playin in the snow in Colorado with Jordan and Lindsay! Beautiful!!

Grizz's Priceless Gigit! Such a smart girl!! This is Penny and Charlie's girl  

This is Ajax! He is Gabby and Chunkys little boy! Living the good life with the McDonald Family!!

Baby Baloo at home with his big brother and the Reeves family!Son of Harley and T.J.  

Cali Serna! My, how she has grown!! Daughter of Clover and Charlie!  

Dyna! At home with the Taylor family! Daughter of Honey and T.J.  

Vasco! At home with Donna! Cricket and Chunky's lil man!

Miles being a naughty boy! He stole Violets binki!   

Miles! He seems a little to comfortable at home with the Hester family!

 This little girl is Casey and Dominic's baby. She is at home with the amazing Gilpin family!

Plumb Bob! He is a beautiful boy!!

Bro! Playing in the Rio Grande! He lives with Jennifer, Sam, and family! They say he is the best puppy ever and very smart!  


Bella and Pecos! 1yr old! Happy Birthday!!!  

 Layla! Looks like fun!!

Mickey! In Az with Pat! That's one nice boy!

Mabel and Aurthur! home with the Busick family!  

Baby Baloo and LJ!