Pre-Birth Deposit Agreement

Pre-Birth deposits are accepted in order to give our families the opportunity to get in the pick order to reserve a puppy from upcoming litters. Whenever a litter is born, advanced deposit holders are given the chance to either pick a puppy or pass and wait for a future litter. Pick order will be in the order that we have received the deposits. Paws In The Valley reserves the right to select the first choice of puppy(ies) to hold back for the furthering of our breeding program. After all advanced deposit holders are given the chance to pick, the remaining pups will be sold on a first-come-first serve basis. Puppies are typically chosen at approximately 3-4 weeks of age, unless Paws In The Valley is evaluating the litter for potential additions to our program, however pick can be made as early as one week of age (depending on preferences). ADVANCED DEPOSIT HOLDERS ARE ASKED TO BE READILY AVAILABLE BY PHONE (text and voice) and EMAIL DURING THE PICK PROCESS. IF WE CANNOT GET A HOLD OF YOU WITHIN 72 HOURS, WE WILL MOVE ONTO THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE. If the litter should not offer the sex or color of puppy desired, buyer may choose to apply the deposit toward another currently available puppy from a separate litter or from a future litter. Advanced Puppy Deposits are half of the total deposit ($100-$250). When you select your puppy, the Puppy Deposit Balance ($100-$250) is due in order to hold your pick. Boston Terrier-$100.00 French Bulldog-$250.00 Pug-$100.00 The full deposit amount ($200-$500) will be applied towards the total purchase price of the puppy and the balance will be due in cash at the time of pickup/delivery. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and will not be returned if you change your mind. Deposits CAN BE TRANSFERRED to a subsequent litter where availability exists, however the deposit will become void after a time period of one year and will remain non-refundable. Should something happen to the reserved puppy, another puppy from the current or a future litter will be offered and the deposit will transfer to that puppy/litter. All puppies remain the sole personal property of Paws In The Valley until the purchase price is paid in full, the completed Sales Contract and Health Guarantee is returned and the puppy has been picked up/delivered. Puppy Pick Process When the litter is born, buyers will be provided with puppy photos by one week of age and subsequent weekly photos of puppies until we announce the pick time. When the pick time is “OPEN” the buyers will get choice based on the arrival of their deposit (depending on sex and/or other preferences). 24 hours will be allowed to choose your reservation pick before the remaining pups are made available to the next buyer. Please ensure we have a phone number and working email so that we can easily get a hold of you during the pick process. The balance will be due in cash when the puppy is picked up. We do not allow visitors to come view puppies before 5 weeks of age. This is strictly for the safety of the puppies. By the 5 week point, puppies will have received at least one vaccination and the 2nd prior leaving to help protect against highly contagious diseases like parvo etc. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms listed above.

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